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Want to improve the relationship you have with your horse or your riding skills in a one on one setting?

Serendipity Equine can offer a variety of services to help you:

Groundwork lessons - to improve communication, flexibility and understanding. 
Our philosophy is that if you can improve it on the ground, it can't help but be improved in the saddle. 

Learn how to read your horse and understand their needs, where they might be struggling to understand, break it down so they understand what you mean and you understand what they mean.

Riding lessons - to improve riding posture, communication, flexibility and understanding. 
Taking what you both learn in the groundwork to the next level to improve all your rides together.

Both groundwork and riding lessons can be either carried out at your place or at Serendipity's purpose-built facility in Hira, Nelson.

Get in touch for more information or to make a booking.


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